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March 2005

City of Thibodaux, LA
Mr. Leroy Fremin


(Nomination Letter) - Nominated by Biddy Basketball
I am aware of that program and I think it is something special.  I view your website every month and I love to check out that individual and the employee of the month.  You can see the gratitude that those seniors have in their faces.

Leroy Fremin would be a perfect candidate for that award.  Not only has he served the community his entire life, but he worked for the city for many years under previous administrations.  He has always been involved with his community and young children.  He was a founding member of the I.A.C. (Independent Athletic Club). They were the group that started the youth basketball program in Thibodaux.  They also have been sponsoring kids teams in baseball for as long as I can remember.  That group is still active today, many of them original members.  They can still be seen selling cotton candy during all of our Mardi Gras parades.

I cannot think of anyone more deserving that Leroy Fremin.  He dedication and devotion to our great city truly exemplifies it's motto "Where Yesterday Welcomes Tomorrow".
(Signature of Author)

Mayor Leroy Fremin, better known as "Chune," grew up in the grocery business.  He became involved in Biddy Basketball as Athletic Director, while his brother was President.  He said that much has changed for the betterment of Biddy, such as adding girls and 8-year-old teams.

"The City has changed a lot.  As it has progressed, it has made it great for me to be a part of everything in the City." stated Mayor Fremin.

 4/23/2014  Wednesday 3356