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City of Thibodaux, LA
SENIOR MAYOR FOR A DAY - December 16, 2003
Mr. William "Bill" Bush

Nominated by St. Genevieve Church: As the staff meeting started, Mayor Bush addressed everyone in the Mayor’s office about his feelings of Thibodaux.  He pulled out what seemed to be a few pages of paper and began with a story of how he moved back to Thibodaux in 1946 after getting out of the military.  Mr. Bush said he would always hang out at the College Inn, and who would have figured, “I fell in love with Thibodaux” stated Mayor Bush.  Him and his wife have always been actively involved in community projects and organizations such as the beautification of Peltier Park and Canal Boulevard, recreation, and their beloved Parish of St. Genevieve.  They call themselves ‘Ambassadors of Thibodaux’ because they always talk about Thibodaux and even have friends from other countries to visit.  Mayor Bush stated in closing, “I am very proud of this administration because you’re  leading the city in the right direction.”  “When I was invited here,” stated Mayor Bush, “I thought of at least 200 other people who are more deserving of this honor than I am – and on behalf of these people, I thank you for inviting me here.”  Mayor Caillouet and Mayor Bush finished the morning with a tour of the city and lunch at Fremin’s (courtesy of Fremin’s).

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