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Mardi Gras MasksMardi Gras 2003
Click HERE for Parade Dates & Routes.

Mayor Charles Caillouet and Police Chief Howard Robertson would like to remind everyone to take precautions when celebrating Mardi Gras this year.

§         Watch all children closely while floats are passing

§         Instruct children if they become separated to go directly to a uniformed officer

§         Do not interfere with parade route or floats in progress

§         Park properly so that in the event of a fire the fire trucks can get to the scene

§         Always obey police officers – remember they are there to help

Have a Happy & Safe Mardi Gras!!!
  Nicholls State University will be celebrating their 5th annual Jubilee, a Festival of the Arts and Humanities, from March 13 - May 3rd.  Click HERE for more information.

P.A.R.D. ball field preparation - The Parks Department is getting ready for the 2003 baseball season.  Springtime temperatures are promoting the weed growth and the time is at hand for lawn and field preparation.  The four big fields at Peltier Park are in the process of being sprayed with fertilizers and herbicides. The baselines are being skimmed and prepared for the red soil which is on its way.   While the night temperatures are still a bit cool for seeds to germinate, we will soon be over-seeding the fields.  The fields will be temporarily closed during this necessary preparation.  “This will allow time for the work to be performed and for the fields to properly rest”, said Cindy Griffin, City Horticulturist.  The fields will be posted with a sign to notify the public that they are closed due to work in progress.  “We will only keep the fields closed for a short period of time.  If any one wants to practice or play ball we ask that they do so on the smaller fields in the park”, stated Ms. Griffin.

The Dixie Baseball season begins in March and the PARD Baseball program commences in June.  The recreation Director, Rabbit Landry has scheduled approximately 100 baseball games a week in the parks”, commented Charles Caillouet, Mayor.  “We ask for your patience and understanding as we prepare the fields for what will be an intensive game schedule”.  “We are looking towards a great recreational season and have been working hard in preparing the grounds so the children will have pride in their park during game competitions”.

  Thibodaux's New Parking Ordinance: On February 4, 2003 the Thibodaux City Council voted unanimously to adopt a new parking ordinance near Nicholls State University.  This new ordinance will take affect Saturday, March 10, 2003.  The public is asked to help the Thibodaux Police Department in this matter by observing and following this new ordinance.  Click HERE for the full press release.
  The 2003 P.A.R.D. Baseball/Softball league registration has been updated on our website.  Click HERE for more information.
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