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HOMIER DISTRIBUTING WHOLESALE SHOW & SALE - Come join us in the Arena at the City of Thibodaux Civic Center on Tuesday, January 14 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Wednesday, January 15 from 10:00 am. to 6:00 p.m.


WATCH THE PROGRESS! The Thibodaux Water Reservoir project is currently under construction.  The reservoir will provide additional water capacity for the City as well as create an attractive leisure recreation area for everyone to enjoy, including an exercise path, sheltered pavilions and a fishing pier.   The project is being funded with city funds and grants from the Land and Water Conservation Program and the Lorio Foundation. 



Gigi Graber - Employee of the Year 2002 GiGi Graber of the Gas & Water Division of Public Works was awarded the City of Thibodaux “Employee of the Year” award for 2002 at the annual “Employee of The Year” Christmas celebration held on Friday, December 20 at the Civic Center.  Each year all of the City’s employees and directors have the opportunity to nominate an outstanding employee and submit a detailed reason why the chosen employee deserves the award.  A committee specially formed for the event then carefully reviews the “nominations”.

This year’s award went to a very dedicated, dependable, and hard working woman.  Cindy Griffin and Sherman Duet from the Public Works department sent in nominations for GiGi Graber.  The nominations included a summary of why they felt GiGi would be deserving of the award.  Cindy stated, “She consistently comes in to work early to get a jump start on her workday.”  Sherman stated, “Her dependability is unequalled, her quality of work does not diminish with her quantity of work.”  Mayor Charles Caillouet was very proud and honored to present the “2002 Employee of the Year” award to GiGi.  He commented, “ The City of Thibodaux is indeed privileged to have a dedicated individual such as GiGi as part of our workforce.  She sets a great example for all employees of what hard work and dedication truly are.”

GiGi Graber, a resident of Thibodaux, is married to Gordon Graber. They have two children; Brenda – 36, and Gordon – 29.  GiGi has been working for the City for over 6 years as a Secretary in the Public Works Department.

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