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Fall Farmerís Market has been Cancelled - Due to the hurricanes, tropical storms, and never-ending rain the Thibodaux Main Street Board has recently voted unanimously to postpone the fall Farmerís Market.  The local vendors who participate have been tremendously affected by this bad weather. Hopefully Mother Nature will bestow the farmers with better weather next spring for a more bountiful harvest.  The board has decided to continue plans for the opening of the spring 2003 market.  Fresh cut flowers, live plants, vegetables, seafood, cracklins, soaps, and baked goods will be abundant at the market this spring. The market will also continue to include a petting zoo, which has shown to be an exciting activity for the kids.  The farmerís market is located downtown Thibodaux on the corner of LA 1 and Maronge St. from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  If any vendors would like to participate in the spring, please contact Joyce Benoit, Main Street manager at 448-1474.

Thibodaux Police Department

As of late last week, we have been granted another 100 overtime man-hours from the Highway Safety Commission to enforce Seatbelt Safety / Awareness in the month of December.

Continue to assess the in-car video system and working towards the purchase of 14 units.  This is part of our 2002 COPS Technology Grant Award.  Congressman Tauzin and Bonnie Lafont are greatly appreciated for their efforts, as well as the assistance provided from the mayorís office.

Assessing two new fully (grant dollar funded) programs-positions.  One would fill the SRO position at South Thibodaux and West Thibodaux schools.  The other consists of a 3-5 night per week officer(s) walking the downtown area during peak hours to help in the overall revitalization of the Downtown District.

Very active in the schools over the last two weeks, giving instructions to children and using our new McGruff costume.  Very successful events.  The McGruff Crime Fighting Dog is a powerful visual to the children and our juvenile division is excited about what this has brought to the table for them.

All divisions are busy and either making new drug cases, providing heightened security in specific areas as warranted, and solving cases.  Weíre on track and moving forward.

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