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Week Ending      03/31/02

Cityof Thibodaux Newsletter

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“Insideyourself or outside, you never have to change what you see, only the way you seeit.”

-Thaddeus Golas 



     The Parks and Recreation Department, located in Peltier Park, has a new look these days.  If you walk or drive through Peltier Park, you will find a walking trail staked with little pink ribbons waiving in the breeze.

      Through local funds and a grant from Recreational Trails Program, the City is developing a one-half mile-walking trail in Peltier Park.

      In a recent study, Mayor Charles Caillouet concluded, “the most popular forms of recreation are walking, bicycling and jogging.”

      This project will provide a compatible facility use for students and faculty members of Nicholls State University and area schools, including South Thibodaux Elementary, East Thibodaux Junior High, West Thibodaux Junior High, St. Joseph Elementary and E.D. White Catholic High School.

 The walking trail is expected to be ready for use by June 15, 2002.

 Ø     On Monday,March 25th, Coach B. D. Parker and several of his players conducted aclinic at Peltier Park for the Dixie Baseball Players. The clinic lasted two hours and it was well attended.


Ø     TheThibodaux Main Street Market has announced that the Farmer’s Market willreopen soon.  This past year was agreat success for the market thanks to the huge support of our community. The vendors and chefs have all contributed to make the market asuccessful local tradition.  Vendors with homemade and or homegrown products are neededfor the spring.  If you areinterested in a booth at our market, please call Joyce Benoit, Main Streetmanager at 985-448-1474.  Moreinformation will be available at a later date concerning the reopening.


Ø     Parks &Recreation has just announced that the Game Time playground equipment at PeltierPark is finally finished.   Aribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 11:00 a.m. Mayor Charles Caillouet will host the ceremony. “From the first day it was finished I was very excited every time Ipassed in front of Peltier Park, the playground was filled with children playingon the new equipment,” exclaimed Mayor Caillouet.

Ø     Nicholls StateUniversity will be hosting the Jubilee – A festival of the Arts and Humanities– from April 10th to April 21st.  The goalof the Jubilee Festival is to raise the level of awareness in the arts andhumanities for the University and the southeast region of Louisiana that itserves. The purpose of the Jubilee Festival is: to educate the student body,faculty, staff and members of the surrounding communities on matters of interestto the arts and humanities; to furnish role models through presenting locallyand nationally distinguished lecturers and performers both on campus and in thesurrounding community; and to raise consciousness and appreciation of the artsand humanities.    

For more information and time schedule call985-493-ARTS.

       Source: www.nicholls.edu/jubilee   

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