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City Council Meeting  8/21/2018  5:00 pm
Board of Adjustments ...  8/22/2018  5:30 pm
City Council Meeting  9/4/2018  5:00 pm
Planning and Zoning ...  9/5/2018  5:00 pm
Civil Service Meetin ...  9/11/2018  4:30 pm
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Council Minutes 7/9/2018
Council Video 08/07/2018
Planning and Zonning Minutes 3/7/2018
Board of Adjustments Minutes 5/23/2018
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2017 Audit Report
2018 Proposed AnnualBudget
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2017 Proposed Annual Budget
2015 Audit Report
Thibodaux 2016-2018 Goal Methodology 10-9-15
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Employment Application-Feb 2016 01/27/2016
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Senior Mayor for a Day
If you or your organization/business would like to nominate someone to be our next Senior Mayor, please contact Marketing at 448-5852.
Individual must be 65+ and live in Thibodaux.

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