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Thibodaux, LA 70302
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Thibodaux Police Department

1309 Canal Blvd.
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
Emergency: 911
Office: (985) 446-5021
Fax: (985) 446-7214
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Desk of:

Desk of:

Detective Laura Guise, Public Integrity Officer

ThibodauxPolice Department

1309 Canal Boulevard

Thibodaux, La. 70301

 Phone #(985) 446-5021

Fax # (985)446-7214


March 22, 2006



      The Thibodaux PoliceDepartment would like to raise awareness to the citizens of the City Of Thibodaux when out walking for exercise orjust when enjoying a casual stroll.  Listed below are some safetytechniques.   


     1 - Only walk in well lit areas atdusk or at night.

     2 – One should always be aware oftheir surroundings.

     3 – When accessible, walk with apartner.

     4 – If available, one should bring acell phone with them.

     5 - Report any suspicious person oractivity to the police.


      The cause for the concernedawareness is in regards to a recent complaint the Thibodaux Police Departmentreceived from a citizen.  In the complaint, the citizen reported thatrecently she was out walking the track at the reservoir, which is located inthe 300 block of North Canal Boulevard, when anunidentified white male assaulted her by grabbing her on her buttocks. While the unidentified male continued to walk, the victim reported that sheconfronted the unidentified male and scolded him for his action.  Thecitizen then reported that the unidentified male began to run away, headingwest on Rue Loudon and continued to flee until sight of him was lost.  Thedescription given of the unidentified male was;

*white male with a light complexion, possibly with freckles

* dark/brown hair with baldness

*approximately 45 years of age

*approximately 5’ 8” in height

*approximately 180 - 200 lbs

* wears white knee-high socks, white tee-shirt and plasticstyle sunglasses.

* driving a 1999-2000 white, Ford Ranger pickup truck


      The Thibodaux PoliceDepartment asks that anyone with information regarding the suspect’s whereabout or identity call (985)446-5021 or (985)446-7281.



                                                     Detective Laura Guise     






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