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City of Thibodaux, LA
From: Police Department
Contact: Public Information Officer, Lt. Malcolm Dupre
Date: August 12, 2004
City of Thibodaux
1309 Canal Blvd.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Arrest of Four Individuals of Burglary at Hale Drive

August 12, 2004


The Thibodaux Police Department announces the arrests offour individuals in conjunction with an incident that occurred in a residence onHale Drive in Acadia Woods subdivision.  Thisincident was first reported as a robbery but has been up-graded to a burglary ofa residence and the three adults and one juvenile individual were chargedaccordingly. 

John Chiasson, Hispanic male, DOB 2/4/83 of 139 Mark LaneThibodaux, La., arrested in Drug Court at 400 Green Street at approximately 6:30P.M. on 8/11/04

           1 count of Aggravated burglary (on warrant with $100,000 bond)

           1 count of probation violation (hold without bond) 

Jonathan Daggs, black male, DOB 6/26/87 of 438 Karla Dr.Thibodaux Was arrested on 8/9/04 for illegal possession of Stolen Things over$500.00 with a bond of $100,000 for selling items from the Hale Drive incident. Daggs was in the Lafourche Parish Detention Center stemming from thearrest on 8/4/04 when he was transported back to the Thibodaux Police Departmenton 8/11/04 and booked on a warrant for the Aggravated burglary. 

Conway David, white male, DOB 12/01/85 of 102 Hackberry St.Thibodaux arrested 8/4/04 at Thibodaux Police Department.

1 count of Illegal Possession ofStolen Things over $500.00 with $100,000 bond for receiving items from HaleDrive with knowledge of their origin. 

Juvenile, black male, (16 years old) of Thibodaux

1 count of Aggravated Burglary,transferred to the Lafourche Parish Juvenile Detention facility. 

To get warrants for the arrests of these individuals,detectives conducted interviews with more than twelve people that had knowledgeof or personal purchases of stolen goods from some of the arrested individuals. Over four thousand dollars, ($4,000.00) in goods was recovered or turnedin to police detectives.  More itemsare expected to be discovered and/or turned over to detectives in the nearfuture.  

Some items were discovered buried in a field just outsideof the Thibodaux City Limits.  Thesegoods, added to the already recovered and turned in items, were not only resultsfrom Hale Drive, but from various other crimes in the City of Thibodaux as wellas crimes suspected of taking place in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes. Some of these goods are also believed to be linked to a car jacking in oraround New Orleans. 

Law enforcement agencies from these areas have beennotified of these goods and are working with Thibodaux Police Detectives to getthese items returned to rightful owners and in clearing up several crimes intheir jurisdictions. 

Thibodaux Police believe, after interviews of severalindividuals that two, of the three, victims of the crime on Hale Drive knewtheir perpetrators due to prior narcotics dealings with them. 

Chief Craig A. Melancon stated, “It is very importantto note that the residence on Hale Drive was not a randomly selected home forthis crime.  The investigation hasrevealed that there is a connection between the suspects and two of the threevictims.  These arrests also addressa number of vehicle and residential burglaries that have plagued residents ofthe City of Thibodaux and surrounding areas, although there is still much workto be done.” 

The Thibodaux Police Department wishes to thank theLafourche Parish Sheriffs Department for their assistance in this investigation.  More arrests can be expected in the near future as well as additionalcharges forthcoming for those already arrested in the Hale Drive incident.



                                                                                   Lt. Malcolm J. Dupre

                                                                              Public Information Officer


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