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City of Thibodaux, LA
From: Police Department
Contact: Public Information Officer, Lt. Malcolm Dupre
Date: June 21, 2004
City of Thibodaux
1309 Canal Blvd.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Three separate incidents of Aggravated Battery

The Thibodaux Police Department investigated three separateincidents of Aggravated Battery Sunday and early Monday June 20th and21st.  Two of these werelearned to be domestic related incidents while the last was involving femalesthat were fighting in a local nightclub in the City limits of Thibodaux. 

The first call came in at approximately 4:42 A.M. through911 operators.  The caller advisedthat there had been a stabbing in a room of the Ramada Inn, a local motel. Officers arrived on the scene and made contact with a man bleeding from awound he received in his right leg.  Theman identified as Jimmy Clark 44 years of age from Natchitoches, La., advisedofficers that his girlfriend had stabbed him. 

Investigation by first responding officers led to thediscovery of two witnesses to the incident. While investigating and making a search of the room where the incidentoccurred, officers discovered two suspected marijuana cigarettes and suspectedmarijuana contained in a plastic bag.  

Investigation also led officers to another motel in thecity where they contacted Mattie Washington, 35 years of age of Baton Rouge, La.and girlfriend of Clark.  Washingtonwas transported to the Thibodaux Police station where she was questioned inreference to the incident.  

Washington, after being advised of her rights, gave astatement and showed physical evidence that she was in a fight with Clark, inwhich Clark overpowered her.  Washingtonacted in self-defense and stabbed Clark in the leg with a four-inch “shavingknife”.  Washington’s renditionof the incident matched the witness statements given to officers. 

Washington was not charged in the incident involving thestabbing but did admit to ownership of the marijuana discovered in her room ofthe motel.  Washington was issued amisdemeanor summons for simple possession of marijuana. 

In a taped statement by Clark following treatment andrelease from a local hospital, he admitted to strangling Washington just beforeshe stabbed him in the leg with his “shaving knife”.  Clark’s statement of strangling matched marks onWashington’s neck, which were photographed prior to her statement. 

Clark was arrested and charged with one count of domesticabuse battery.  Upon completion ofthe booking at the Thibodaux Police Station, Clark was transported to theLafourche parish Detention center where he is being held on $1,000.00 bond. 

In a second call received at approximately 3:07 P.M.through the police department switchboard, it was reported that a person namedEnjoli had stabbed Roy Johnson.  Theincident was reported to have occurred at 244 St. Charles Manor apartment BSanders Street in the city limits of Thibodaux. Officers arrived at the scene and contacted Enjoli Adams outside theresidence.   Adams wasimmediately advised of her rights.  Sheadvised that Johnson had been drinking all day and there was an argument. 

Roy Johnson, 59 years old of 1511 Bell Street Thibodaux,was contacted inside the apartment.  Johnsonhad a bleeding wound to his left leg.  AcadianAmbulance provided medical assistance to Johnson who was then transported to alocal hospital. 

Enjoli Adams, 24 years old of 224 B Sanders Street, wastransported to the Thibodaux Police Station where she was booked for aggravatedbattery.  Adams was then transportedto the Lafourche Parish Detention center where she awaits bond to be set. 

In a third incident occurring at St. Charles ManorApartments, officers responded to a fight in progress on the Sanders Street sideof the apartments at approximately 2:38 A.M. Monday. The fight was reported to be taking place and weapons were involved. When officers arrived, no one could be located with information regardingthe fight. 

Later, Thibodaux Regional Medical Center reported to thepolice that there was a stabbing victim in their emergency room. As this call was being made, several people arrived at the police stationand reported that they were involved in the fight on Sanders Street. 

Detectives and patrol officers questioned those involved aswell as witnesses to the fight and learned that a fight occurred at Beady’sclub and all participants were removed form the club just prior to the clubclosing for the night.  Some of theparticipants continued the fight on or near Sanders Street and Renata Livasreceived stab wounds. 

Renata Livas, the victim of a stabbing, was contacted atthe Thibodaux Medical Center.  Shegave a statement to officers of the fight at Beady’s club then the fight onSanders Street where she was stabbed.  Livashad three wounds to her right chest area. 

Through investigation and questioning, there were fourarrests made in this incident.  LakishaBrown, 25 years old of 1216 Narrow Street Thibodaux, accused of the stabbing ofLivas, was arrested for aggravated battery and was released at the ThibodauxPolice Station after posting bond in the amount of $1,500.00. Marquita Brown, 20 years old of  #26Truman circle apartments, Toro Zeno28 years old of 1039 Jackson Street,Thibodaux, and Renata Livas, 24 years old also of 1039 Jackson Street wereissued misdemeanor summonses for disturbing the peace by fighting and werereleased.



                                                                                   Lt. Malcolm J. Dupre

                                                                              Public Information Officer


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