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City of Thibodaux, LA
From: Police Department
Contact: Public Information Officer, Lt. Malcolm Dupre
Date: April 29, 2004
City of Thibodaux
1309 Canal Blvd.
Thibodaux, LA 70301

Woods arrested for burglary in Peltier Park

April 29, 2004

 The Thibodaux Police Department reportsthe arrest of one adult, Gregory Woods, DOB 6-19-85 of 131 Schoolhouse Road,Hahnville, La. and a juvenile whose name and address are being withheld.  The two were arrested and charged with two counts of burglaryand three counts of  attemptedburglary. 

On Thursday, April 29, 2004, at approximately 3:16AM, acitizen of Thibodaux called the Thibodaux Police Department to report anapparent burglary in progress at Peltier Park. The citizen reported that twosubjects were breaking into a Coca-Cola vending machine behind the RecreationCenter located within the park grounds.  Officerswith the Thibodaux Police Department responded to find a vehicle parked in thesouthwest corner of the park with two subjects sitting inside. Officers alsoobserved apparent burglary tools and several dollar bills scattered through theinterior of the car in plain view. 

Officers began checking the park grounds and found that theCoca-Cola vending machine and other vending machines had, in fact, beenburglarized. Officers also found that a concession stand on the park grounds hadalso been burglarized. Officers also located several pieces of stolen items onthe person of one of the suspects.  Fingerprintswere collected from the areas of the recent burglaries and attempted burglariesand submitted into evidence. 

Detective Laura Guise conducted an interview with one ofthe suspects, who admitted to the burglaries, and attempted the burglaries ofthe concession stand and several other vending machines in the park. DetectiveGuise also conducted a search of the vehicle and located more apparent burglarytools and $91.00 cash in $1 bills inside of the vehicle. 

Gregory Woods and the juvenile were each subsequentlybooked for two counts of simple burglary and three counts of attempted simpleburglary. The juvenile was later released to his parents and Woods wastransported to the Lafourche Parish Detention Center, with his bond to be set ata later time. 

Later during the day of April 29, 2004, Detective MattChiasson compared the lifted fingerprint evidence from various locationsburglarized or attempted burglaries in Peltierís Park last night and matchedthese prints to those of the juvenile and Gregory Woods. 

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