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FORIMMEDIATE RELEASE                                     

DECEMBER 27, 2001                                           


     OnThursday, October 18, 2001, the Thibodaux Police Department received a complaintof a possible identity theft that occurred sometime in December of 2000. The complainant (a Thibodaux resident) told officers that she first grewsuspicious when she received a phone call from a Dell Financial ServiceRepresentative stating that she had an outstanding bill with their company for apurchase made in December 2000.

     As theThibodaux Police Departmentís Detective Bureau investigated further into thecase, they discovered that the suspects made several phone orders to DellComputers using the victims personal information to purchase items, leaving thevictim with an outstanding bill totaling over $6,600. It was also learned through a credit report that the victims informationwas fraudulently used to purchase items from a Fingerhut Company with a balancetotaling $695.00. 

     Investigatorslearned that the suspects in this case had items shipped to different locationswithin the 1000 block of Ridgefield Road in Thibodaux, as well as anotherlocation in Dallas Texas.  Detectivesworking the case researched tenant history to those locations and were able todevelop a lead on two possible suspects, although the suspects were no longerresiding at the locations in question.

 Throughextensive investigation, Thibodaux Detectives then gained the suspectsinformation and began tracking them down. The suspects were identified asRenedra Williams, 20 of 304 Carol Street, Thibodaux and her mother Doris MaeWilliams, 42 of 125 Pugh Court, Houma, LA. Detectives then brought the two women in for questioning.   

Duringquestioning, Doris Mae Williams confirmed she and her daughterís residency atthe above mentioned locations and admitted to receiving the merchandise inquestion under the victims name.

 WhenInvestigators questioned Renedra Williams, they learned that she fraudulentlyused several assumed identities to illegally obtain computers, scanners, adigital camcorder, monitors, a printer, copier, fax machine and other items fromDell Computers as well as several Fingerhut items.

 Investigatorsseized three (3) computers,, three (3) monitors, two(2) printers, a digitalcamcorder and several other computer components.

 Anarrest warrant was immediately issued for Doris Mae and Renedra Williams fortheir involvement in the Identity Theft. On Friday, December 21, 2001, RenedraWilliams was arrested and charged with one count of Identity Theft and latertransported and remains in the Lafourche Parish Detention Center on a $25,000.00bond.  Doris Mae Williams was bookedon Theft charges and released on a $500.00 bond

 TheThibodaux Police Department has conducted a joint investigation with at leasttwo other agencies involving these two suspects for related charges in theirarea.

 For furtherinformation, please contact

Detective SandraBrooks/ Public Information Officer

(985) 446-5021


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