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Thibodaux, LA 70302
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310 West 2nd Street
P.O. Box 5418 
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
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City of Thibodaux, LA
From: Mayor Caillouet’s Office
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2003
City of Thibodaux
310 West Second Street
Thibodaux, LA 70301


Thibodaux Police Chief Howard P. Robertson was the keynote speaker at the graduation ceremonies of the Lafourche Parish Sheriffs Office Training Academy’s 2003-02 class.  The ceremonies were held on May 12, 2003 at the Thibodaux High School.

Brad Trosclair, Brian Tauzin and Jamie Himel were three of the graduating class and are Thibodaux Police Departments newest recruits.  Brian Tauzin received the Academy’s “Commitment to Excellence” Award and Brad Trosclair was the recipient of the Class’ Firearms Award.  The Commitment to Excellence award is given to the cadet who excels in the overall training offered at the academy.  This includes physical fitness, firearms and academics.  The firearms trophy is given to the cadet that shows safety and top proficiency with his firearms.

These three officers will now complete a field-training program with an assigned training officer at the Thibodaux Police Department.  This is a seventeen-week course in which the new officers will received instruction and will be observed in the performance of duties by a seasoned Thibodaux Police Officer.  The new officers will receive a daily performance evaluation where high standards will have to be met.  Following the completion of these seventeen weeks of field training, an overall evaluation will be given and if the officer passes successfully, he will be released to regular patrol duties.  Either the shift sergeant or the shift commanders will still scrutinize his work performance daily for one year.

The Thibodaux Police Department, including all personnel, congratulates thee three officers for their achievements.  They will prove to be a great asset to the Department and to the citizens of Thibodaux whom they are sworn to serve and protect.

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