310 West 2nd Street
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, LA 70302
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Finance Department

310 West Second St.
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
Office: (985)446-7211
Fax: (985) 446-7242

Deborah A. Daigle - Director
  Thibodaux Finance Department   
  310 West Second St 
  Thibodaux, Louisiana  70301
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  Finance Director   Deborah Daigle   985-446-7211  
  Accounting Specialist   Angie Chiasson   985-446-7224  
  Purchasing Specialist   Brenda Pearson   985-448-5850  
  Accounting Manager   Jessica Hebert   985-446-7212  
  Payroll Specialist   Deborah Reulet   985-446-7206  
  Deputy Tax Collector   Tammy Clark   985-446-7221  
  Asst Dep Tax Collector   Wanda Berthelot   985-446-7207  
  Utility Billing Mgr   Peggy Aucoin   985-446-7230  
  Utility Billing Asst   Robin Moody   985-446-7222  
  Utility Collections Clerk   Georgia Thibodaux   985-446-7274  
  Utility Collections Clerk   Julie Legendre   985-446-7228  
  Utility Collection Mgr   Rachel Mack   985-446-7204  
Utility Billing & Collections Office
Tax & Licenses Office
Purchasing Office
Accounting Office
  City of Thibodaux-Help Your Neighbor Program.
A Utility Assistance Program for Eligible Senior Citizens
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