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Kelly Chighizola - Director
  Thibodaux Civil Service EOE / ADA

Vacancies in positions in the classified service shall be filled by demotion transfer, reinstatement, re-employment, promotion, competitive appointment, or temporary appointment.

Preference shall be given to the methods named in the order in which they are named above, under the conditions and subject to the restrictions and limitations set forth in the rules.

The eligibles certified shall be the highest ranking eligibles willing to accept employment, ranked in the following order: (1) all the eligibles on the appropriate re-employment list, if any; (2) those on a promotions list, if any; (3) those on an entrance employment list.  All the names on any one such list shall be exhausted before any names are certified from another list, but the names certified may be taken from two or more list if necessary to make a certification of three (3) eligibles.  Names shall be certified from each list in the order of their ranks on that list.
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