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Sarah Arceneaux - Director

Start Up
Relocation Business Incentives Start Up

Starting a new business?  You are going to love it here.

Starting a new business takes courage, determination and focus.  While there are no guarantees, Thibodaux is a great place to get your business off the ground.

Here are just a few reasons why.

1. We are big enough and connected enough to be home for business from high-tech to no-tech yet our size makes it easy for you to connect and network with the people you need for success.

2. Have it all, short communities, quality of life and great opportunities for growth.

3. Rents, utilities and other factors of business are typically affordable even for small businesses.

4. We really want to see you grow and prosper here. 

Special Support for Small Business

Thibodaux just happens to be at the center of some very strong resources designed just for startups and small businesses.  The resources are available through our regional partner in economic development, the South Louisiana Economic Council or SLEC.  Visit them online at www.bayouregion.com or call 985-448-4485.  Here they are.

 Louisiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) 

The SBDC  is one of Louisiana's oldest and strongest allies for small business.  The services of the SBDC include assessments, counseling and training as well as connections to other important resources.  The SBDC is located at the SLEC offices at Nicholls State University and can be reached by calling SLEC at 985-448-4485.

Small and Emerging Business Development Program

A-maz-ing!  That is how we describe Louisiana Economic Development's Small and Emerging Business Development Program, also located at SLEC on the Nicholls State campus.  There are qualifications but once qualified, businesses can receive up to 50% cost matches to cover important activities like marketing, website design, accounting systems setup, specialized training and more.  Funds are limited but the program is able to serve a number of companies each year.  For more information call SLEC at 985-448-4485.

Technical Assistance Network 

The Technical Assistance Network was formed in response to the need to assist small businesses damaged by the 2005 storms.  Assistance is available to cover the costs of consultants and business specialist in marketing, web design, accounting and more.  The program is very flexible in the types of services it can support but as with the SEBD, funds are limited.  The Technical Assistance Network also is time limited and is in force only through August 2008 although it may be extended beyond that.  As with SBDC and SEBD, the Technical Assistance Network is located at SLEC.  Give them a call at 985-448-4485.

The Entrepreneurial Training Series Featuring Fast Trac   

Our area is known for having an exceptionally strong entrepreneurial community.  Many of our area's new companies get their start after completing a 10-week program of entrepreneurial training.  The series covers essential information in starting and successfully running a small business.  Led by experienced entrepreneurs, the session provides insights into business issues typically learned the hard way.  The series also helps entrepreneurs to network with other companies who typically are experiencing similar challenges and situations.  The Entrepreneur Training Series is offered through SLEC.  Call 985-448-4485.

Bayou Region Center for Economic Growth and Technology, Small Business Incubator

Located on East 1st Street between Nicholls State University and Downtown Thibodaux, the incubator offers affordable space for new and emerging businesses for up to three years.  In addition to space, the incubator offers the additional support of each of the services offered by SLEC.  To learn more call 985-448-4485.

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