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September 2003

  City of Thibodaux, LA

City of Thibodaux
Employee of the Month

Craig McCoy 

Terry Thibodaux

Congratulations to Police Department Mechanic Terry Thibodaux for being chosen as the September City of Thibodaux Employee of the Month.

“ET”, as his friends affectionately call him, was born and raised in the City of Thibodaux.  He is one of nine children, and has a twin sister.  He served two tours in Viet Nam, defending his country.  He retired from the U. S. Army after twenty years of service and returned to his hometown of Thibodaux, to serve the public once again.

ET was first employed by the City as a school crossing guard in 1997.  He protected the children at St. Genevieve School.  In 1998 he applied for the position of Police Mechanic and successfully completed the process.

When a patrol vehicle breaks down on the weekends, ET reports to work and repairs the vehicle to make sure officers have the equipment to serve the public.  He never requests additional pay.  He knows funds are short, so ET cannibalizes all wrecked vehicles to save spare parts.  The department was donated a trailer with a broken axle, so ET changed the axle and refurbished the deck saving the City funds.

The Fire Department calls upon ET to install the emergency lights and radios on their vehicles.  He is always accommodating.  The Security Department at Nicholls State University calls upon ET to install the emergency equipment on their vehicles.    ET has also installed a security cage for the Probation and Parole Department.

 ET goes beyond his normal duties and assist with Mardi Gras, the Fireman’s Fair, etc. He helps to erect the Police Tent, set up barricades, and then returns at night to remove the police property.

These are just a few examples to demonstrate how ET serves the citizens of Thibodaux. 



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