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Employee of the Month

Craig McCoy

Craig McCoy 

The following nomination letter was chosen for the August Employee of the Month.

Craig McCoy is available 24 hours a day.  He is an individual who puts the City needs above his own personal needs and that of his family.  He works to solve problems at all hours of the day and does not complain about the job or the working conditions.  He works universally throughout the City for all departments and agencies.  He coordinates his work with outside agencies including Entergy, LA One Call, LA DOTD, the Chamber, and other private contractors and consultants.  He knows his job. He does not have to be assigned.  He works with little need for supervision and prioritizes needs with little or no intervention.  He has a jovial personality and loves to banter jokes with fellow employees.  He is an excellent employee and an asset to the City. 

Craig Allen McCoy, who works for the Public Works Department as an electrician, has been with the City of Thibodaux for four years.  He is originally from Donaldsonville but now resides in Thibodaux.  Craig stated that he prefers “God’s country” (Louisiana) over anywhere else.  He enjoys his work and says that something funny happens everyday.  He is married to Letitia Leinecke from Honolulu, Hawaii and has two girls – Morgan (9) and Melanie (5).  



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