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Public Works

1219 Henry S. Thibodeaux St.
P.O. Box 5418
Thibodaux, Louisiana 70302
Office: (985) 446-7223
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 Miguel Maggio - Director
  Thibodaux Public Works Department Building and Permits   
    BUILDING Permits
  Application for Appeal of Building Permit Denial
  Application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance
  Building Code Requirements
  Building Permit Application
  Commercial Permit Information Package
  Inspection Requirements
  Permit Fees
  Permit Issuance Requirements
  Permits Required
  Plan Requirements
  Residential Permit Information Package
 Home Relocation
 Mobile Homes
    ELECTRICAL Permits
  Electrical Code Requirements
  Electrical License Exam Application Form
  Electrical Permit & Inspection Fees
  Electrical Permit and Inspection Fee Rates
  Electrical Permit Application Form
  Electrical Permit Issuance Requirements
  Licensing Requirements - Electricians
  Permit Issuance Requirements-Electrical
  Solar Panel Installations
  Fence Permit Information
  Home Occupation Information
  Home Relocation
  Manufactured Home Information
  Modular Home Information
  Occupancy Permit Information
  Servitude Information
  Solar Panel Installations
    MECHANICAL Permits
  LICENSING REQUIREMENTS - Mechanical Contractors
  Mechanical Code Requirements
  Permit Application Form - Commercial
  Permit Application Form - Residential
  Permit Issuance Requirements - Mechanical
    PLUMBING Permits
  Gas Permit Application Form
  Licensing Requirements - Plumbers
  Permit Issuance Requirements - Gas
  Permit Issuance Requirements - Plumbing
  Plumbing Code Requirements
  Plumbing Permit Application Form


Building inspection shall be performed in the foundation, framing and completion stages
Electrical inspection shall be performed in the foundation, rough-in and completion stages
Mechanical inspection shall be performed in the rough-in and completion stages
Plumbing inspection shall be performed in the foundation, rough-in and completion stages
Gas inspection shall be performed in the rough-in and completion stages

Phone number to call for Building, Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing Inspections: 985-446-7208
Phone number to call for Gas Inspections: 985-446-7216

Request(s) for inspection must be made by the respective building contractor, electrician, mechanical contractor and plumber performing the work at the job site. Inspection requests made prior to 10:00 AM are normally performed on the same day, however, contractors have to allow the inspection department up to forty-eight (48) hours to perform inspections from the time the inspection request is received.

Permit Cards

No inspections shall be performed without the permit being displayed on the job site.

The permit holder shall post the permit / inspection record on the job site in an accessible place to allow the inspectors to make the required entries. Permits shall be placed where they are visible from the road. The permit / inspection record shall be maintained by the permit holder until the final inspection has been made and approved.

A $20.00 re-inspection fee shall be charged for any additional inspections required after any of the initial free inspections referenced above.

Certificate of Occupancy

A certificate of occupancy will be issued upon completion of all inspections and the payment of all cost associated with the inspections have been paid in full. No one shall be allowed to move in until certificate of occupancy has been issued.


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