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 Employee of the Month
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November 2004

  City of Thibodaux, LA

City of Thibodaux
Employee of the Month

Brenda Barrios 

Jessica Hebert

Jessica Hebert, Senior Account Technician is one of those employees who does an excellent job.  Jess is being pulled into many different directions every day. In fact, there is very often a “waiting line” in her office.  Jessica is asked to “switch gears” at a moment’s notice. That “waiting line” can consist of a payroll question, a budget problem, a question on grants or capital projects or an accounts receivable dilemma.

Jessica doesn’t mince words. She’s soft spoken, but she’ll manage to make her point. She’s knowledgeable in every aspect of accounting and finance because she takes an interest in the workings of city government.  She’s computer savvy which is a definite plus in this age of technology.

Being responsible and dependable are Jessica’s best assets.  We know we can depend on her and she will be there.  She also takes responsibility when she needs to.

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