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Forms and Information
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Finance - Tax and License
      Main Street Market Vendor Form 
      OLT Alcoholic Beverage Permit Packet 
      OLT Annual Chain Store Tax Report 
      OLT Insurance Ordinance 
      OLT New Business Packet 
      OLT Occupational License Application 
      OLT Online License Renewal Instructions 
      OLT Tax Tables 
      SEP Special Events Permit packet 

Finance - Utilities
      Commercial Utility Application 
      Commercial Utility Service Packet 
      Deposit Information 
      Direct Payment 
      Help Your Neighbor Application 
      Help Your Neighbor Flyer 
      Help Your Neighbor Info 
      Payment Options 
      Residential Utility Application 
      Residential Utility Service Packet 
      Utility Direct Debit Form 
      Utility Service Information 

Finance - Purchasing
      Vendor Application Master 
      Vendor Letter 

Public Works - Permits - General Information
      Fence Permit Information 
      Home Occupation Information 
      Home Relocation 
      Manufactured Home Information 
      Occupancy Permit Information 
      Servitude Information 
      Solar Panel Installations 

Public Works - Permits - Building
      Application for Appeal of Building Permit Denial 
      Application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance 
      Building Code Requiirements 
      Building Permit Application 
      Commercial Permit Information Package 
      Inspection Requirements 
      Permit Fees 
      Permit Issuance Requirements 
      Permits Required 
      Plan Requirements 
      Residential Permit Information Package 

Public Works - Permits - Electrical
      Electrical Code Requirements 
      Electrical License Exam Application Form 
      Electrical Permit & Inspection Fees 
      Electrical Permit Application Form 
      Electrical Permit Issuance Requirements 
      Licensing Requirements - Electricians 
      Solar Panel Installations 

Public Works - Permits - Mechanical
      LICENSING REQUIREMENTS - Mechanical Contractors 
      Mechanical Code Requirements 
      Permit Application Form - Commercial 
      Permit Application Form - Residential 
      Permit Issuance Requirements - Mechanical 

Public Works - Permits - Plumbing
      Gas Permit Application Form 
      Licensing Requirements - Plumbers 
      Permit Issuance Requirements - Gas 
      Permit Issuance Requirements - Plumbing 
      Plumbing Code Requirements 
      Plumbing Permit Application Form 

Public Works - Board of Adjustments
      2015 Meeting Dates and Agenda Deadlines 
      Application for Variance 
      Application Instructions 
      Board Members 

Public Works - Historic District Board
      Board Members 
      Historic District Application Form 
      Historic District Guidelines 
      Historic District Map 
      Historic District Ordinance 

Public Works - Planning and Zoning
      2015 Meeting Dates and Agenda Deadlines 
      Administrative Resubdivision of Land 
      Application for Special Exception 
      Application for WCF - Antenna and Tower Use Permit 
      Application for Zoning Amendment 
      Board Members 
      Family Subdivision - Checklist and Status Report 
      Landscaping Ordinance 
      Mobile Home Park - Checklist and Status Report 
      Parking Requirements 
      Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting Information 
      Public Subdivision - Checklist & Status Report 
      Public Subdivision Plats 
      Sign Ordinance - Article 9 
      Statement of Ordinance Violation 
      Subdivision Fee Schedule 
      Subdivision Application Form 
      Subdivision Regulations 
      TND - Project A 
      TND - Project B 
      TND - Project C (2) 
      TND - Project C 
      TND General and Specific Implementation Plans 
      TND Zoning Map 
      TND Zoning Regulations 
      Town House Ordinance - Article VIII 
      Wireless Communication Ordinance 
      Zoning Map Adopted 11-20-14 
      Zoning Ordinance Adopted 11-1-14 

Public Works - Gas and Water
      Gas and Water Distribution Information 
      Gas and Water Information 
      Public Awareness Plan 

Civil Service
      130910Holidays Schedule for 2014 
      130911Civil Service meeting schedule for 2014 
      140424Minuets of Jan 30-2014 C S meeting 
      140624Minuets for C 
      140708-2015 Holiday Schedule 
      140708-Civil Service Meeting Schedule for 2015 
      141205Civil Service Rules and Regulations Manual-November 2014 
      Civil Service minuets 01-08-2013 
      Civil Service minuets 03-12-2013 
      Civil Service minuets 05-14-2013 
      Civil Service Rules and Regulations - Revised 5-14-13 
      Civil Service Rules and Regulations November 2013 
      CS Meeting Schedule 2013 
      Employment Application 
      Test File - Copy 

      111024 Bus Voucher Flyer 

Recreation - TREC-UP
      TREC UP registration form 

Recreation - Basketball
      2015 Boys Basketball Flyer and Registration 
      Men's Basketball Team Packet 2015 
      Sponsor Form 2015 

Recreation - Volleyball
      2015 Girls Volleyball Flyer and Registration 
      CO-ED Volleyball Packet 
      Sponsor Form 2015 

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